Grandson and Pastor Accused of Bilking Elderly Woman

Last February, Viola Hunt’s family made the decision to put the 81-year-old in a place where she would get extra attention.

“Mom was happy, making friends. She was doing good,” Frederick Hunt said of moving his mother to Medco.

But after just a few months there, the family found out her bills were not being paid. McCracken County sheriff’s deputies made two arrests in the case.

Hunt’s pastor, Charles Dunbar, and her grandson, Josh Hunt, were accused of using their power of attorney over Viola Hunt to steal her money.

Her son and Josh’s uncle, Frederick Hunt said his stomach turned at the news.

Full Article and Source:
Grandson and Pastor Allegedly Bilk Elderly Woman

2 Responses to “Grandson and Pastor Accused of Bilking Elderly Woman”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    >Maybe the Pastor will find a new job in the prison – if anyone can trust him.

  2. Tony Says:

    >Another power of attorney action that will likely result in guardianship for the victim.

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