Former Court-Appointed Receiver Gets 10 Years

Choking back tears, Lewis Freeman faced his wife and children in federal court and apologized for committing a $2.6 million theft that would send him to prison.

“Parents try to teach their kids how to live their lives,” he said Friday. “Abigail and Jeremy, I know you’re smart enough to see the example I’ve set and not to follow it. The example I’ve set for you shows that money means nothing and honor is everything. I know you both will do great. I love you.”

With his family weeping behind him, the prolific court-appointed receiver and trustee turned to the judge to accept his fate.

“My life is in your hands, your honor,” he said. “I hope you will allow me to return to my family when it’s not too late.”

U.S. District Judge Paul C. Huck sentenced Freeman, 61, to 10 years, including 21 months of house arrest after prison. Freeman pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in March after admitting he took $2.6 million from court-supervised accounts and misappropriated at least $6 million by shifting money among accounts he was appointed to oversee.

After pronouncing sentence, Huck allowed Freeman 15 minutes for a tearful goodbye to his family before he went into custody to begin serving his term.

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Former Court-Appointed Receiver Gets 10-Year Sentence

6 Responses to “Former Court-Appointed Receiver Gets 10 Years”

  1. Steve Says:

    >I hope to shout that Lewis Freeman isn't trying to get sympathy because I for one don't have it to give to him.You do wrong, you pay the piper.

  2. timlahrman Says:

    >Amen, and good riddance.One less corrupted thieving court officer to worry about

  3. timlahrman Says:


  4. Maritza Torrent Says:

    >If Lewis Freeman had the honor he now claims to have realized,and using as the important lesson he is making his children believe to follow, Freeman should do it by example=PAY BACK the $2.5 million he took from HIS OWN ASSESTS! The punishment does NOT fit the crime… just how many families suffered so this poor example of a human being could "take" $2.6 Millions? how long would it take this court-appointed person to make the kind of $ he took??? that is the amount of years Mr. Freeman should serve! In addition, if the money came from a court-supervised account, THEY those involved in "supervising" the $ should also be liable, as co- conspirators…after all,Mr. Freeman, wouldn't have used the money unless he had had a Judge signing it off!!!

  5. Norma Says:

    >Did you feel an ounce of sympathy for your victims, Mr. Freeman?

  6. Says:

    >This crime in Florida seems to run rampid. My family's experience shows that the state of Florida will even permit a resident and domicile of another state (PA) to be held under their guardianship. Criminally confining an elderly woman who begs to go home!!! My mom has been drugged to silence her while the Volusia County Court sits idle allowing exploitation!

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