Former Wisconsin Probate Lawyer Leonard Brady Target of FBI Investigation
Former Probate Lawyer Leonard Brady Target of FBI Investigation

10 Responses to “Former Wisconsin Probate Lawyer Leonard Brady Target of FBI Investigation”

  1. helensniece Says:

    >GREAT JOB!!! RE: Former probate lawyer Leonard Brady target of FBI investigation and related news items. This is the tip of the iceburg. Guardianship case files are closed in WI and that is problem #1. Leonard Brady needs more than counseling, he needs to be held accountable for his actions and inactions.Furthermore, I strongly suggest all of his case files be audited and reviewed – where there is one …… there are more. It's highly unlikely that this is the first time money went missing. The statute of limitations on crimes committed by fiduciaries must be increased to allow for the circumstances and the wall of protection around this racket. Please keep the heat on this subject you are doing a service for the good citizens of Wisconsin who need the information, the facts and knowledge to take immediate actions to protect themselves and their loved ones from theft under color of law.Brick by brick the wall of secrecy and protection will come down. Those who have been victimized need to come forward and unite in order to change the pattern of abuses. NASGA is an organization that is making progress with much going on under the radar. Years of dedication, sacrifice and hard work by NASGA members to warn people what is waiting for them and their loved ones.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    >This is truly amazing, given the utter lack of ethics among the Wisconsin state supreme court justices.

  3. Larry Says:

    >Excellent story – and look how smug Leonard Brady is in this video.He's not so smug now, I bet!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    >Get him, FBI! Make us proud!

  5. StandUp Says:

    >Oh happy days. We'll be looking for the follow up story that former probate lawyer Leonard Brady is on his way to an extended stay at the Big House.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    >GO FBI!!! Dig deep, dig, dig, dig and follow the money trails.

  7. Nellie Says:

    >Oh this is great! He's disbarred. He has to pay back over $1 mil. AND the FBI is tailing him. It would only be better if all that was going on and I won the lottery!

  8. Harold Says:

    >Thank you, Bryan Polcyn.I hope you get an award for the series you did on Leonard Brady's hard fall!

  9. annie mckenna Says:

    >This is only the usual slap on the wrist for a lawyer who does wrong. The man is 84, so revoking his license is hardly a punishment at his age. What burns me is that he has not yet been charged. If he dies, what happens to all the money he allegedly stole from his victims, and how will it ever be found.

  10. David Cornish Says:

    Thanks for sharing the incident. These details will of great help to the people searching for a reliable and experienced probate lawyer to represent their case.

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