Poem by Sol Ehrlich

God, keep me working, keep me fit
At windows I don’t want to sit
Watching my fellows hurrying by:
Let me stay busy ’til I die.

Grant me the strength, breath and will,
Some useful niche in life to fill,
A need to serve, a task to do:
Let me each morning arise anew.
Eager and glad that I can bear
My portion of the morning’s care.

God, I don’t want to sit about,
Broken and tired and all worn out.
Afraid of wind and rain and cold,
Let me stay busy when I am old.

Although I walk with slower pace,
Still let me meet life face to face.
This is my prayer as time goes by:
God keep me busy ’til I die.

Final Report of the Dade County Grand Jury, See page 21

3 Responses to “Poem by Sol Ehrlich”

  1. Betty Says:

    Very nice poem.

  2. jerri Says:

    thanks nasga very appropriate words to begin a new year think about our present our future and the concerns of others knowing they are in their last phase of life

  3. Thelma Says:

    I've seen that before somewhere.It was really nice.

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