Former Guardian Brings Unloaded Gun to Court

A 35-year-old former Washoe County legal guardian, under investigation for allegedly defrauding her elderly wards, was arrested for bringing an unloaded gun into a Reno court.

Angela Cheri Dottei, also known as Angela Cheri Sommers, was booked into Washoe County Jail on Tuesday on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon. She is being held there in lieu of $25,000 cash bail.

Authorities said she was going to a hearing in Family Court when the handgun was found in her purse as it went through a screening station. She also had an empty magazine.

Washoe County Deputy Brooke Keast said Dottei was cooperative and said she did not realize the gun was in her purse.

In the last two months, the family court has sanctioned Dottei on allegations she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly wards, whom she was entrusted to make decisions on their estates and finances. Her license to work as a guardian has also been suspended.

Full Article and Source:
Former Guardian Held for Alleged Gun in Court

Note: Despite the suspension of her license, Angela Dottei is currently listed as a national “Master Guardian” with the National Guardianship Association

12 Responses to “Former Guardian Brings Unloaded Gun to Court”

  1. Betty Says:

    Well, here's another example of the National Guardianship Association's lack of discipline for their "guardians".Do they really care about guardianship?Or do they care about profit?Keeping a guardian on the books who has had her license taken away for theft is a real indication of their real purpose.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Profit, Betty. NGA cares about profit. If they cared about guardianship, Angela Dottei wouldn't be on their recommended list.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid move Dottei.

  4. Mike Says:

    It also makes me wonder what qualifications and background checks the National Guardianship Association is doing before they crown someone a Master Guardian.Any?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This isn't the first time a guardian under investigation remains on the National Guardianship Association's list.It's become their norm.

  6. Kit Says:

    Discipline? The National Guardianship Association doesn't understand the word. They don't care what their guardians do. Yes, I think Betty's right, it's all about profit for them.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The National Guardianship Association is showing their true colors!

  8. jerri Says:

    i think the National Guardianship Association is a smokescreen sounds warm and fuzzy but i think they are needing to get their eyes checked

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I also am aware of a guardian who license was revoked who remains on the list of NGA guardians. I don't recommend that people go to that list to find a guardian as they may get a guardian who has no license.

  10. Louis Says:

    Trade and professional associations such as NGA are all about – themselves and self-preservation.They make nice sounds, but they're fulla crap!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I don't normally respond to blogs but some accurate information might be helpful here. NGA is a membership organization and until Ms. Dottei's annual fee runs out, she is listed. The Master Guardian certification is issued by the Center for Guardianship Certification, NOT the NGA, and her name no longer appears on their website as a Master Guardian. Elders are subject to abuse, neglect and exploitation and sometimes it is unfortunately by those appointed as Guardian, as in this situation. But family members and "well-meaning" individuals such as neighbors, lawyers, taxi drivers, insurance agents and a host of others continue to take advantage of our elders. So how about we just stop Elder abuse! regardless of who the perpetrator is. Or is your philosophy more about what you don't get to keep when your loved one's assets are used to care for them and not saved to pass on to you. I have seen family members upset because they no longer get $1000 "gifts" from mom or they can no longer live in mom's home "scott free", or mom needs to be placed in a memory care unit or nursing home so that they won't wonder away. Aren't you tired of seeing the news where elders are featured a missing persons? I am. So I agree, Stop Elder Abuse but let's take care of our Elders. They deserve it. I see the blog author controls the publishing of comments so I hope you have the courage and respect to publish this one.

  12. Lou Says:

    Dear Mar. 2nd, Anonymous:I don't normally post comment to someone else's but, your comment needs addressed. As you state NGA is a membership organization therefore it is unethical and certainly not in any "vulnerable persons" best interest for Mr. Hammond and others to agressively promote NGA. The benefit is to NGA and it's guardians, period! There are a lot of people over the age of 18 with no felony arrests in this country that I would not want in control of my life, how about you? That's the membership requirement!!! Then of course the annual fees and the books sold for training materials, at ridiculous prices, since they consist of photcopied sheets in a binder. Paper is cheap! I do agree, Stop Elder Abuse and let's take care of our Elders. They do deserve ithowever, all those that abuse the elderly should be accountable! Not some accountable and others protected by a disfunctional court system. I don't care if you call them CGC certified, NGA guardians, Master Guardians, whatever… they are human beings with license to steal and even murder in some cases. You questioned philosophy so I'll give you mine! According to the CGC's or NGA's study material, one of the two reasons guardianship was started years ago was to protect ones asset for heirs. Assets are currently squandered by some "professional guardians/thiefs" fighting to keep their prisoner at all costs. I personally have a sister who spent more of mom's money than she should have BUT, certainly my mother would have rather had her daughter take $1,000.00 once in a while vs. gifting $1,000.00 once in a while, to people she doesn't even know!! How about the vulnerable people placed on unapproved, dangerous, anti psychotic drugs intentionally to cause further demise or the ones placed in memory care just to cause further upset of the ward by "professional guardians/thiefs? What do you think about those? Should they be protected by the NGA and the court system?? They are!! There is no doubt in my mind having known my mother for 50 years that mother would rather have her daughter/my sister, who struggles financially living with her, yes… "scott free" vs. being isolated from her and drugged while she is exploited by the "professional guardian/thief." Which would your mother rather have? Regarding this blog author who controls the publishing of comments, she most certainly does have the backbone & courage and respect to publish your comment. As a member of NGA myself I speak with experience that the blog author of NGA's ListServ does not have the same backbone, courage and respect! Several of my questions on that site were not posted and my question was with reference to how many of the NGA members truely wanted to be accountable to the courts. So, I assume they fear opening that can of worms! My personal opinion of you since you are anonymous and attempt to place the focus on accusations of family members, neighbors, taxi drivers, etc., you must be one of them!

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