>Family Guardianship Revoked


Three of Earnestine Starks’ children sat down with News 8 after a visit to see their mother at a Fort Worth nursing home ended with three trespassing warnings. The staff ordered them to leave the property.

“You go from just trying to see your mother to you can never see your mother again.”

Days later, another daughter, Sharon Richardson, found out she was no longer her mother’s guardian.

“I don’t know how a court can award guardianship in one week and then revoke it the next week.”

Court documents show that a Tarrant County judge revoked Richardson’s guardianship on July 8. According to a letter filed in court by the nursing home, Richardson made allegations of abuse against the facility.

She also wanted staff to re-evaluate her mother, who suffers from dementia and delusions, and move her from a secured to an unsecured unit.

Doctors disagreed with Richardson’s request.

Richardson: “My mother did not want to go back to the facility; she said she would not go back in there and did not like the facility and did not like how she was being treated.”

The courts appointed a new guardian for Earnestine Starks ā€” Guardianship Services Inc., a non-profit agency that helps incapacitated individuals who do not have family members or friends who can serve as guardians.

Guardianship Services is now in charge of making all of Earnestine Starks’ decisions ā€” from medical to financial.

Colleen Colton, director of the agency: “We are guardian until somebody else becomes guardian or they die.” She could not comment on the Starks case, but said families struggle with court guardianships because the state is always watching.

The courts have the right to step in if there’s any sign of a dispute or allegation.

Full Article and Source:
Aging in America: Family struggles with guardianship issues

Colleen Colton/Guardianship Services, Inc. is registered with National Guardianship Association

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