>Healthcare Providers Are Victims Too


Judges are politically appointed, politically approved attorneys. These attorneys are not appointed to the Bench for their Integrity; they are appointed because they have political connections. Note how many Lawyers have infiltrated your State Legislature.

These ‘political pawn’ Bench warmers are rubber stamping every motion their court appointed ‘crony’ Guardian and/or Conservator’s make while denying due process of law to family members and suppressing their irrefutable evidence in ‘favor’ of their cronies’ unsubstantiated claims given ‘credibility’ by the ‘titles’ these unscrupulous ‘professionals’ have before their names.

These courts operate in ‘secret’ allowing for wild accusations against family members ruled as fact by these ‘bench warmers’. Once these unscrupulous agents of the court have obtained ‘guardianship’; they strip all rights of the person now their ‘ward’ enabling them to displace their ‘wards’ from their homes and families into facilities, deny medical treatments and family members from Advocating for their loved ones health and well being.

These unscrupulous ‘agents of the court’ are then free to sell their ‘wards’ homes and all assets often displacing family members who have given up jobs to care for their loved ones.

These unscrupulous ‘agents of the court’ are then free to bill against their ‘ward’s funds as if it were they were their own piggy bank. Coupled with the high costs of 24/7 professional/facility care, the funds are depleted too soon and the ‘ward’ becomes the taxpayer’s responsibility.

The loving family members are prevented from Advocating for their loved ones ‘wards’ of the court/Guardian; their loved one is medicated into compliance, neglected and abused. Immobility leads to mortality and premature death.

Healthcare Providers who Speak Out after connecting the dots of FRAUD upon the taxpayers; illegal ‘snatching’ of vulnerable citizens (elderly, disabled, and children)for personal profit, feeding State Government coffers; and covering up sentinel events of these wards, are egregiously retaliated against: Blacklisted from working in their professions and ultimately they too become victims of the same racket they have attempted to reform.
Whistleblower #1137

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