>Death Prompts Investigation


A young woman spent her last weeks of life emaciated and with bed sores, and now her family and lawmakers are holding the State of New Jersey responsible for her death. The developmentally disabled woman was being cared for in a group home overseen by the state.

When Tara O’Leary was 26 she was developmentally disabled but healthy. But when she died three years later, she was hospitalized, just 48 pounds and in unspeakable pain. The case is now prompting a full review of similar group homes.

The problems began when the woman’s father died in 2005 and her stepmother took over as guardian. The problem was, she wasn’t a legal guardian, yet was allowed to act like one, denying the family access to O’Leary, or letting them know the location of the group home where she was being cared for.

The family said O’Leary’s case worker told them all the right things: “Oh, Tara’s needs are being met fully.” “She couldn’t be in a more loving environment.” “This family loves her and cares for her as she was her own.”

But inside the home, O’Leary was withering away, and was finally rushed to the hospital where things went from bad to worse. The 29-year-old died on November 10. The case worker has been suspended and the group home has been shut down.

With more than 1,200 developmentally disabled adults in New Jersey, lawmakers want to know who’s caring for them, and if they are okay.

Full Article and Source:
N.J. Family Alleges Abuse At Home For Disabled

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