>Others Feel Victimized


Attorney General Troy King said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on any further investigation his office may or may not be conducting into the estate in which former Covington County Probate Judge Sherrie Phillips was convicted of two counts of theft, or into any other estates she might have handled.

But he did acknowledge that his office has heard from a number of people who felt they or their families were wronged by Phillips’ actions as judge.

Troy King: “We’ve heard from a number of them already, If there is anybody else who feels they need to make a complaint, they can call our office.” “I’ve talked to three or four myself, They aren’t vindicated by this. Other people also feel they were victimized.”

King said the attorney general’s office would ultimately request of anyone with a complaint to put that complaint in writing and provide whatever documents there are.

Full Article and Source:
Attorney General: Others report probate problems

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“My commitment to the people of Covington County and citizens throughout Alabama is that, as their Attorney General, I will prosecute those who break the law and betray the public trust, and that I will take action to preserve the integrity of our government. Today, we make good on that pledge”
Former Covington County Judge Convicted on Ethics and Theft Charges

State of Alabama Attorney General’s Office

500 Dexter Avenue · Montgomery, AL 36130

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