>New Law: No Need for Court


Effective July 1, the Care of a Grandchild Act allows a parent, without a court’s approval, to delegate the care of a child to a grandparent or great-grandparent in the event of hardship such as illness, active military duty, natural disaster or incarceration.

The new law is designed to assist families to transfer custody when necessary without the expense or involvement of the court system.

However, the new law has created potential problems for Dougherty County’s school attendance policy. With the notarized form, the “agent grandparent” consequently may enroll the child in a public school serving the area where the grandparent resides.

Board Attorney Tommy Coleman: “The law runs counter to what the Dougherty County School Board has been trying to do.”

Changes in the system’s student assignment policy made in 2006 require students to remain at a single school through the school year, with a few exceptions, even if a family moves to a new address.

The new law requires parents to certify that the transfer of care to a grandparent is not solely for the purpose of sending the child to another school, but Coleman said some parents have been known to “take advantage” of the system.

Dougherty Probate Judge Nancy Stephenson: “Thought the new law might impact the number of temporary guardianship papers issued by her office”, but it hasn’t.

Requests for temporary guardianships have declined since the school board’s 2006 policy revision made them invalid for the purpose of determining student residency.

Full Article and Source:
School law creates kinks

More on the Care of a Grandchild Act:
SB 88 – Care of a Grandchild Act; provide subsidy to certain grandparents raising grandchildren under certain circumstances

GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA: the “Care of a Grandchild Act”

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