>Public Guardian in Control


The two sons and wife of prominent local businessman Larry Shehadey have agreed to let Fresno County’s Public Guardian be his permanent conservator, a decision that “avoids a potentially ugly court battle” over his care.

101 year old Shehadey built Producers Dairy into one of Fresno’s most successful businesses. Family members have said he suffers from dementia.

Last year, the Public Guardian began an investigation of June Lattanzio, who is Shehadey’s wife. The county agency alleged that Lattanzio isolated Shehadey from friends and family and even threatened to move him out of the country. The Public Guardian sought successfully to become his temporary conservator. He was moved out of the home he shared with Lattanzio, and the agency took responsibility for his daily care.

Not long afterward, Lattanzio and Shehadey’s two sons filed competing court briefs seeking to gain control of Shehadey’s life by becoming his permanent conservator.

A court trial on the matter was set for earlier this month, but papers filed in Fresno County Superior Court showed the matter was resolved before the trial started.

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Shehadey conservatorship resolved

More on Fresno County Public Guardian:

Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation is the organization that helped Janet Rivera’s family find legal counsel after the Fresno County Public Guardian’s office refused to give her food and water. Rivera went about eleven days off life support and it wasn’t until the family asked CBS47 for help and they began an investigation, that the county put back her feeding tube.
Schiavo Foundation: “It’s a Wake-up Call”

Rivera’s husband was recently replaced as her public guardian, after he experienced medical problems. The appointed Fresno County Public Guardian decided that because she is unlikely to recover, Rivera’s fluids and food would be removed. This decision was against the wishes of the Rivera family and Janet’s husband.
California Public Guardian Attempts to Dehydrate Woman to Death over Wishes of Family

After a hearing in the Fresno County Superior Court, the family of patient Janet Rivera was reinstated as her conservator. The Court ruled that Ms. Rivera’s cousin temporarily replaces the public guardian who made the decision to deprive Ms. Rivera of food and water.
Court protects California woman from Schiavo-like death by dehydration…

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