>Plea for Justice


Dr. Robert Sarhan’s plea for justice is circulating the Internet.
According to Dr. Sarhan, here is the problem:

Yvonne Sarhan, never wanted nor requested a guardian, this was forced against her will. Yvonne Sarhan requested orally and in writing to the judge, that if she had to have a guardian she wanted her son, Robert Sarhan. Yvonne Sarhan was competent at the time of her being adjudicated incapacitated on August 5, 2003. She was ruled competent by the Court appointed psychiatrist on March 10, 2004. Another doctor, also a board certified neurologist, evaluated Yvonne Sarhan and both agreed that she was competent and had good judgment and insight about her financial and personal life.

For more information see:
Habeas Corpus (PDF)

Response to Strike Motion to Dismiss Writ of Habeas Corpus Petition (PDF)

Dr. Sarhan’s plea is but one of many. A forced guardianship against the will of an “alleged incapacitated person” is an epidemic practice throughout the United States. Many times these proceedings are unnecessary and then become abusive.

Sadly, complaints such as this one seem to be surfacing more and more.

Is anybody listening?

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